don zeek - retired

Started using 'vi' during the Reagan build-up, 1981. Progressively more ever since, love the current 'scape: We have amazing machinery, in the palm of our hand - so much new, always.

These days the expected skill set is a smorgasbord of post-Unix development, and video production on the side. Another expected quality is youth.

Current effort

When I get time with my computer

Peptide editor rework

The 'View Amino' app needs update (notice from Apple), and I am much happier having page panels within table header and footer views. I also want to factor the design pattern I find generally useful into Xcode snippets, the snippets would have beginning doxygen comments and diagrams.

Sequence diagram parts

I have gotten sequence charts to show from doxygen comments, however it needs prominent documentation, surpeised it was that complicated.

Alexa Projects

This is all about arrainging things within Amazon Web Services, especially the Lambda service.


This is an Alexa skill which will connect with your mail server(s), and can be triggered to query if now would be a good time to listen to email: The original query would provide a count, the question/answer sequence allows hearing a list senders, and finally, some mail you may wish read, again depending on the q/a sequence. Email credentials (log-in/password) would be by a 'card'.

IOS projects

that means coding for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod -- but not the Mac

Todays Menu


This app depends on an ecosphere of recipes and food data, it provides the technology to facilitate that. It handles 'menu-items', which can be anything but is intended to build a meal: 'two eggs' and 'two slices bacon' would each be menu items, the sum would be a meal. The 'kitchen' role would take a picture, perhaps add nutrition data and a recipe, and either mail the item to every one to be served, or shared across a network file system. The 'consumer' role would make a selection of a gallery of pictures - where nutrition information was attached to the item, it would be added to the day's consumption. Lastly, if a recipe is attached, resources consumed in preparation will be tallied.

The app is meant to cover a broad range of application:

  1. a food truck could reply with a series of emails to a coded menu request, the food truck customer's choice would be relayed back to the food truck 'kitchen' (potentially along with payment credentials), allowing quicker service (or even drive-by service).
  2. A retirement home could wirelessly provide a menu to its residents, with pictures of the menu options available, and the nutrition impact.
  3. A senior parent could make requests to his family for help, or even make dinner suggestions. The app allows editting meal items until the meal is consumed, and then journals the nutrition elements.
  4. in any restaurant setting, the action described for the food truck could be done, with refinements in how the initial menu request was made.

The journaled nutrition components go into Apple HealthKit, so would be available to any other app being granted access.

the Clue Butler

This is the original work that stirred a lot of other efforts. The app is 1) a schedule and a journal of doctor appointments, summaries and assumptions. Doctor contact is facilitated with Contacts and Phone direct. The app is 2) a journal of medicines prescribed, and dose changes. And 3) the app is a journal of symptom expression. Access to Apple HealthKit database will allow connection with diet (if database maintained by Today's Menu or equivalent). Connect to hospital system (eg. "My Chart") as much as possible. Also, 'Clinical Document Architecture' items may be exchanged.`

Android projects

that means coding for most of the world's phones, usually all free

Coordinated Medicine

The 'coordinated medicine' suite of apps was a very early rendition of 'the Clue Butler' app, on Android - although it started out as a scheduler for doctor appointments and prescriptions. All the data was on Google Drive, 'the bluejay' was an early version of the checking program.

the Bluebird is UNDER REPAIR, seems something has changed in Googleland


that means interesting coding, java on Linux

--- 2004

Did this to be the intro to an app with altitude data for the horizon (for communication between drones, in an old line of work). I have gotten the altitude app to work when I had to separately download the free altitude data through a 'for-fee' service they had way back. One section at a time, six sections covered Seattle.

If I get back to it, have a lot of the old resources here